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American Pro Wrestler (米国のプロレスラー, Beikoku no puro resurā) is a fictional character from manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Almost nothing is known about his personality, except that he seems to be a very confident and arrogant person. When he arrived at the Shinshinkai dojo to see their karate, at one point he dismissively and with a smile on his face stated that this fighting style would not work in a real fight.


He's a muscular man of average height, but he doesn't have as sculpted body as many other fighters from the series, as he clearly has quite a bit of fat in addition to muscle. He has slicked back hair, but it's unknown what color it is. He was shown wearing sunglasses and a tight short-sleeved shirt. It is not known what color his eyes are.


Baki the Grappler[]

Underground Arena Saga[]

In a flashback narrated by Shigeru Akatsuka, some unnamed American wrestler arrives at a Shinshinkai school to observe the skills of the karate fighters. At one point he concludes that this karate is weak and wouldn't stand a chance in a real fight. His words make one of the disciples, Atsushi Suedou, get very angry. Suedou challenges him to a match, but the American wrestler dominates at first. After a moment, Suedou calms down and concentrates hard on fighting the wrestler, who no longer has a chance against the karateka and is brutally beaten.


His skill level is not detailed in the manga. In any case, he was defeated by Atsushi Suedou. The only known move of the American pro wrestler is the "body slam" and nothing is known about any other fighting techniques used by him.