Atsushi Suedo (末堂 厚, Suedō Atsushi) is a karate fighter and a minor character in Baki the Grappler series.

In the manga, he was the first opponent Baki Hanma faced and chronologically, his first opponent in the Underground Arena Saga.


Suedo is an arrogant Shinshinkai karate student. He was defeated by Baki Hanma, and later he became his friend. Suedo even started to cheers him during his fights. He is also close friends with Kiyosumi Katou and seems to treat him like his brother. When Katou almost got murdered by Kaioh Dorian, Suedo was willing to fight to the death to avenge his fellow karate fighter and best friend.



Baki the GrapplerEdit

Underground Arena SagaEdit

He was the final opponent that Baki faced during the 18th Annual Karate Tournament at the Budoukan Arena. Suedo was extremely confident, however he was worried about Baki's abilities. Due to this fact, Suedo decided to wear a special template (a dental device that joins the resistance power of the head and spine to increase his overall strength by 30%). However, he later shattered his template and spitted it out.

At the very beginning of their match, Baki dislocated Suedo's shoulder with a precisely placed jump kick. However, Suedo, ignoring the referee and ringside doctors, managed to relocate his shoulder. Even Doppo Orochi admitted it was a painful feat.


Most Evil Death Row Convicts SagaEdit

When Kiyosumi Katou is nearly killed by Kaioh Dorian, Suedo comes for revenge in the Shinshinkai operated amusement park.


Suedo is a very tall man with an incredible strength, speed, and striking power. He is capable of bench-press 270 kg and run 100 metres in 11 seconds. He can effortlessly slice a plastic water bottle with one of his feet, and send away a spinning Teacup-based vechile from a Amusment Park several feet away with a single kick. Suedo could even fight Kaioh Dorian for a short time.

While typically an aggressive fighter, Suedo is at his best when calm. When he regains his composure, his fighting style becomes excellent. His speed, range, timing and tactics all become flawless.

Suedo was also capable of relocating his shoulder into the place, as seen in his fight against Baki. Suedo has a high durability. He could withstand Baki's attacks, recovered quickly from a devastating blows of Dorian, and he even survived after falling from a rollercoaster.




  • The character was based on the real-life karate master, Kenji Yamaki.