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Baki: Saikyou Shikeishuu-hen Special Anime
Baki oad.jpg
Directed Teiichi Takiguchi
Produced Yu Kiyozono
Written Unknown
Music Kenji Fujisawa
Studio Telecom Animation Film
Licensed None
Released December 6, 2016
Runtime 15 min

Baki: Saikyou Shikeishuu-hen Special Anime (バキ 最凶死刑囚編SP(スペシャル)アニメ, Baki Saikyō Shikeishū-hen SP (Supesharu) Anime; literally: "Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Special Anime") is a short OAD (Original animation DVD) series.

A 15-minute movie included with the limited edition of the 14 volume of Baki-Dou on December 6, 2016. Created by Telecom Animation Film, and directed by Teiichi Takiguchi.


Despite being bundled with Baki-Dou, it adapts part of the the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga from the second manga series, which is titled simply Baki. The arc focuses on five inmates who breakout of prison from around the world and travel to Japan. It features underground ring fighters in the no-rules combat environment of death row convicts.



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