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Baki (2020 ONA)
Baki 2020 anime.jpg
Directed Toshiki Hirano
Written Tatsuhiko Urahata
Music Kenji Fujisawa
Studio TMS Entertainment
Licensed Netflix
Released June 4, 2020
Runtime 13x25min

Baki (バキ, Baki) is a 2020 anime series and thus the fourth series (Netflix's season 3) of anime from the Baki franchise. The story is based on the second half of the Baki manga series. The series is an ONA (Original Net Animation).

In March 2019, the fourth anime series, Netflix's Baki season 3 (first two is whole 2018 anime series on the Netflix site), was greenlit for production. [1] On March 5, 2020, it was announced that the main staff TMS Entertainment would be returning to produce the another season with the addition of a new character designer and art director. The fourth season was released exclusively on Netflix on June 4, 2020. Its opening theme song is performed by Granrodeo and its ending theme is performed by Ena Fujita.


When Baki's body ravaged by poison, he is suddenly rushed to China for a cure. Awaiting him there is China's biggest martial arts tournament that only occurs once every hundred years. Even his father, Yuujirou Hanma, and Mohammad Alai Jr are going to participate in battle. In order to protect the prestige and dignity of Chinese martial arts and to prevent the title of Kaiou from falling into the hands of a foreigner, the Kaiou masters aren't afraid to fight dirty and go all out. Also, after the Great Chinese Tournament, Mohammad Alai Jr suddenly appears in front of Baki. One by one, Gouki Shibukawa, Doppo Orochi, and Jack Hanma all challenge him deadly.


List of Episodes

# English Title Original Title Airdate
1 Begin! The Centennial Tournament 開幕!大擂台賽 June 4, 2020
2 Turnaround 裏返り June 4, 2020
3 Revived! 復活ッッ!! June 4, 2020
4 Team Formed! チーム結成! June 4, 2020
5 Hand Pocket ハンドポケット June 4, 2020
6 Excellennnnt! スバラシイッッ June 4, 2020
7 Kaiou 海皇 June 4, 2020
8 The Title of the Strongest 最強の称号 June 4, 2020
9 The Master vs the Boxer 達人VSボクサー June 4, 2020
10 Stand and Fight stand and fight June 4, 2020
11 Awakening 覚醒 June 4, 2020
12 Completion 完成 June 4, 2020
13 Revenge Tokyo REVENGE TOKYO June 4, 2020