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Baki Dou
Author Keisuke Itagaki
Artist Keisuke Itagaki
Original Publisher Akita Shoten
Magazine Weekly Shounen Champion
Genre Action, Martial Arts, Mature,


Original Run 2018
Volumes 13 (Ongoing)

Baki Dou (バキ道, Baki Dō; stylized BAKIDOU; literally: "The Way of Baki" or "Baki's Path") is a fifth manga series, written and illustrated by Keisuke Itagaki, serialized in Weekly Shounen Champion from 2018.

The series is named with the same title as the 4th series was, but with Baki's name being written in katakana this time instead of kanji (バキ道) and without dash mark.


Japan's oldest and strongest "sumo god" is Nomi no Sukune. And now, after more than 2,000 years, his successor is born. This time, Baki will challenge the real god of sumo. The series tells the story of the main characters' clashes with the aforementioned powerful fighter.

The theme of the series is not only Nomi no Sukune of the new generation, but also the struggle with sumo martial arts. In the Underground Arena, the main characters have to face the best sumo fighters.

List of chapters

# English Title Original Title
Volume 1
1 The God of Sumo 相撲の神
2 They Set Foot Upon Each Other 両者相踏み
3 Challenge Match チャレンジマッチ
4 A Gigantic Challenger 巨大きい挑戦者
5 Rikishi 力士
6 The Truth of Karate 空手の真実
7 Genres 世界
8 Baki and Doppo's Match 刃牙と独歩の一番
9 Shikoashi 醜足
10 Mister Unchained ミスターアンチェイン
Volume 2
11 Sumo's Domain 相撲の領域
12 Versus the Sandbag VS サンドバッグ
13 On-Scene Arrest 現行犯逮捕
14 The Power of the Triangle 三角形の強み
15 Free Fight フリーファイト
16 The Most Muscular Pose 最筋量姿勢
17 A Grip Strength of 100,000 Atmospheres 10万気圧の握力
18 Hairstyle 結髪
19 Kinryuuzan's Great Idea 金龍山の妙案
Volume 3
20 Shoulder Blade 肩甲骨
21 Sukune vs the Oozeki: Conclusion 宿禰vs大関 決着
22 Reactions in the Sports Papers スポーツ紙の反響
23 Vanquish 破邪
24 Sukune's Training 宿禰の修行
25 Neglect なおざり
26 The Octagonal Dohyou 八角形の土俵
27 Baki vs Sukune 刃牙vs宿禰
28 Anideshi 兄弟子
Volume 4
29 Shikirinaoshi 仕切り直し
30 Rikishi's Malaise 力士の違和感
31 Triceratops Fist トリケラトプス拳
32 Rikishi, All 全員、力士
33 Give it a Go 格闘ってみんか?
34 Monoii 物言い
35 Tokugawa's Sounding-out 徳川の打診
36 Fighting Alongside Retsu 烈との共闘
37 The Yokozuna's Cross-Discipline Match 横綱の他流試合
Volume 5
38 Versus Yokozuna Reihou VS横綱 零鵬
39 Versus Komusubi Honoo VS小結 炎
40 Versus Oozeki Kyogei VS大関 巨鯨
41 Versus Sekiwake Taketsurugi VS関脇 猛剣
42 Versus Maegashira Top Shachihoko VS前頭筆頭 鯱鉾
43 Versus Sekiwake Shishimaru VS関脇 獅子丸
44 Connection 繋ぎ
45 Unity 一体感
46 Full Body Exercise 全身運動
Volume 6
47 The Matches Open ホンバン開始
48 Smiling 微笑み合い
49 When He Met With Aiki 合気との出会い
50 An Overwhelming Difference in Weight 圧倒的体重差
51 Shibukawa Versus Kyogei 渋川 vs 巨鯨
52 Nokotta のこった
53 The World's Greatest Indiscrimination 地上最無差別
54 The Limits of Size Difference 体格差の限界
55 With Age Comes Wisdom 年の功
Volume 7
56 A Master's Potential 達人の底力
57 Further これ以上は
58 Where Size Difference is Blind 体重差の盲点
59 The Conclusion of the First Match 先鋒戦、決着
60 Doppo Vs Taketsurugi 独歩VS猛剣
61 Ecstasy 至福
62 The Ultimate Completed Form 究極の完成型
63 Like a Knife まるで刃物
64 Shikodachi 四股立ち
Volume 8
65 The Technician's Toolbox 技師の引き出し
66 The Scent of Screeching Pain キーン臭
67 Interfering おせっかい
68 Hanayama Kaoru Vs Shachihoko 花山薫 VS 鯱鉾
69 Contest of Manliness 漢比べ
70 He's that Kid!!! あの子だッッ!!!
71 Completed Product 完成品
72 Man Stance 漢構え
73 Darkness
Volume 9
74 Drinking Party 飲み会
75 Orochi Katsumi vs Shishimaru 愚地克巳 VS 獅子丸
76 Orochi Katsumi, Reborn 新生愚地克巳
77 The Length of Ten Seconds 10秒の長さ
78 One To Wake Him Up 気付けの一発
79 Japan x China 日本×中国
80 His Last All-Out Burst 最後の全力
81 Affecting the Brain 脳への効かせ
82 Soccer Kick サッカーボールキック
Volume 10
83 Baki vs Honoo バキ vs 炎
84 The Tiny Giant 小さな巨人
85 Melted 溶けた
86 Dunno 知らん
87 Back to the Start 原点
88 Dash 初速(ダッシュ)
89 Expectation 予感
90 Speed Competition 速さ比べ
91 His Opponent's Wheelhouse 相手の領域
Volume 11
92 The Conclusion of Baki vs Honoo 刃牙VS炎 決着
93 Super Middle-Schooler 超中学生
94 Just Who Is He...!!? 何者なのか…!!?
95 Modern Sumo and Ancient Sumo 近代相撲と古代相撲
96 Payback お返し
97 Emergency "Mawashi" 必要火急な「廻し」
98 The 6-on-6 Match Ends 6対6マッチの結末
99 Ogre Ogre
100 I am Male, and All Others are Not 我以外皆 異性也
Volume 12
101 He Exists For Combat "戦闘用"の存在
102 Monoii 物言い
103 Compassion お優しい
104 The Same Things 云われてきた言葉
105 Metaphor モノの喩え
106 Change of Appearance 輪郭の変化
107 Goudou 嚙道(ごうどう)
108 Clumps of Vital Points 急所ノ塊
109 Amateurs 素人
Volume 13
110 A Hanging 首吊(ハンギング)
111 Negligence 怠慢
112 An Audience 人目
113 Accidents 緊急事態(アクシデント)
114 Technical Arsenal 技術体系
115 A Confounding Tachiai 不可解な立ち合い
116 That Stance あの構え
117 The Stance of a Wild Beast 獣の構え
118 His Impossible Foe 存在しえ得ない
119 Nice Guy ナイス漢(ガイ)
120 The Height of His Head 標高