Baki Tokubetsuhen - Saga (バキ特別編 SAGA, Baki Tokubetsuhen Sāga; literally: "Baki Special Edition - Saga") is the side story that develops at the same time as volume 15 of Baki manga series.


The side story is often called the romantic contact chapter. It is about Baki Hanma having his first sexual experience with Kozue Matsumoto.


The story taking place during the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga of Baki manga series.

List of ChaptersEdit

# English Title Original Title
Volume 1
0 Special Edition: Prologue 特別編:プロローグ
1 The Pulse 鼓動
2 The Touch 感触
3 The Instinct 本能
4 The Climax 絶頂
4.5 Special Edition: Epilogue 特別編:エピローグ