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Kanji Name 噛む
Names Bite
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Brute Force
User(s) Many fighters
Similar None
First Appearance

Bite (噛む, Kamu) is a fighting technique.


The user uses his teeth to tear a flesh and skin of the opponent's body. The bite is also the antithesis of the technique named Aiki, since the force to attack is 0, the user of aiki cannot redirect it.

Jack Hanma and Pickle are the most common users of this brutal move. Jack can easily tear flesh, coconuts and hard woods with his teeth. Pickle's fang is even stronger. He can eat dinosaur and bites off a parts of the human body. Yuujirou Hanma used this move in his fight with Jack Hanma when after the Maximum Tournament Jack challenged Yuujirou and when he charged at him Yuujirou managed to bite Jack's jugular vein. Izou Motobe have also used this move against himself during his fight against Musashi Miyamoto. After Motobe got several injuries from the legendary swordsman that included on his lungs and collarbone along with losing the feeling of movement in his right arm and got both of his legs brutally slashed; the master of both jujutsu and kenjutsu had to use the Bite technique on his left arm to prevent Musashi to escape from his Rear Naked Choke hold. If Motobe had his jaw loosen up from his Bite move, even only for an inch; he wouldn't be able to "protect" his friends and the other fighters from Musashi.