• Anttron224

    Do you guys think that Yujiro completely stopped the activity of the tectonic plates when he punched the earthquake, or just the seismic energy?

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  • Deathmaster3

    I would like to see some Kalaripayattu, often nicknamed as the "ancestor of all martial arts".

    But I also want to know more about To-De/To-Te, aka Okinawan-Te and his successors Shuri-Te, Naha-Te and Tomari-Te. I want to know more about Karate in Itagiki's perspective.

    If Retsu was alive, I really wish he could talk about more the Wushu martial arts in China (attention: Kung Fu and Wushua are different: for example, Shaolin is Wushu, but Wushu is NOT Shaolin. There are hundreds of Chinese martial arts, I suspect a large portion of them are not even released to the public. Most Chinese martial arts are kept within a family line or clan, because of the exclusive nature of martial arts in China, some of the most dangerous assassination styles of W…

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