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Bob McCarthy (ボブ・マッカーシー, Bobu Makkāshī) is a fictional character from manga series of Hanma Baki. He is a 27-year old prison officer. He saw closely the fierce fight between Baki and Oliva. He observes the fight until the end even being astonished by both fighters.


Like the rest of the Arizona prison police, he shows great fear of Biscuit Oliva and Baki Hanma. He also has a great memory, being able to remember exact moments of his childhood.


The most remarkable thing about him are his small completely black eyes. For the rest, he is of average height and build and is wearing an Arizonas Prison Guard outfit.


Hanma Baki[]


When he was little he caught a dragonfly, he grabbed it gently with his hand, and when he got home, he saw that the energetic dragonfly had run out of energy due to the anguish of being locked up.

At some point he joined the police force, where he received karate classes. One day he and his classmates decided to play a prank on his teacher, putting a plastic bowling ball and challenging him to break it, to everyone's surprise, the karate teacher had used the secret karate technique Goutaijutsu to destroy the bowling ball.

When it was formed, he entered the Arizona prison, where one day an inmate fell from one of the upper floors, creating a 30 cm hole in the floor, killing the inmate on the spot.

Superior Prison Battle Saga[]

He is one of the policemen to see the Baki vs Oliva fight head-on. After the fight, he is interviewed where he gives his opinion on the most important moments of the fight.


According to one of his flashbacks, he is a karate practitioner and student of a karate teacher who mastered the Goutaijutsu technique. Even with this, he has never been seen to use a technique in the entire series. Likewise, he knows how work many complex techniques, such as the Ball or Goutaijutsu.