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Bodhisattva Fist
Kanji Name 菩薩の拳
Kana Name ぼさつのこぶし
Names Bodhisattva Fist
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Orochi-ryuu Karate
User(s) Doppo Orochi
Similar Seiken
First Appearance
Anime Doppo vs Shibukawa
Manga The Real Seiken!!

Bodhisattva Fist (菩薩の拳, Bosatsu no Kobushi) is a fighting technique.


Doppo Orochi as a kid, tried to perfect his strikes. He realized his strikes were .999999 percent to that of a real Seiken, and one night while sleeping, a mosquito was annoying him. He struck the mosquito, and seeing the shape of his hand, which was similar to that of a Bodhisattva statue, named this a "Real Seiken".

For the first time, Doppo used this technique against the mosquito in his flashbacks and during his fight against Gouki Shibukawa in the Maximum Tournament of the first series. Doppo later used the technique during his second fight against Kaiou Dorian in the second manga series.