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Kanji Name 仏骨
Kana Name ぶっこつ
Names Bukkotsu
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Shorinji Kempo
User(s) Kengo Misaki
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime The Chained Patriot
Manga An Unheard-of Sure-Kill Technique!!

Bukkotsu (仏骨, Bukkotsu; literally: Buddha Bone) is a special fighting technique.


The fighter uses his finger to attack the opponent's pharynx, which can possibly even kill him.

In the Maximum Tournament Saga of the first manga series, Kengo Misaki used this technique to fight Jack Hanma, but failed to defeat him. Jack used this opportunity to bite and nearly crush Kengo's arm.

Also during the Maximum Tournament, Gouki Shibukawa used a similar technique to end his fight against Roger Harlon in the first round. However, since the Bukkotsu is probably typical Shorinji Kempo technique, it is hard to say whether the one of Shibukawa was exactly the same move.