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Bunkichi Kitou (鬼頭 文吉, Kitō Bunkichi) is a fictional character from manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Almost nothing is known about his personality, as none of his dialogue was ever shown. The only thing it can be guessed is that he's probably a quite calm and cheerful person, as there was usually a friendly smile on his face, but that's just a theory. He was also excited about Baki Hanma's skills to the point that he wanted to meet him when the tournament finals were over.


He has a broad nose and angular facial features. He seems to have a somewhat big physical structure. As a Japanese, he has black hair that is long but only reaches his neck. He is dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono of a dark color, similar to the one worn by Izou Motobe or Gouki Shibukawa. He seems to be probably about 40 years old.


Baki the Grappler[]

Underground Arena Saga[]

He arrives at the Shinshinkai Karate tournament at the Budoukan arena. He watches the final fight between Baki Hanma and Atsushi Suedou. Kitou, like the other martial arts masters in the audience, is impressed by Baki's exceptional skills. It is later revealed that he and the other masters wanted to meet with Baki after the tournament finals were over, but both he and the other martial arts masters were knocked out by Kiyosumi Katou in the hallway leading to the fighters' locker-room.


Kitou is a practitioner of Kobuto Kitou-ryuu Jujutsu, possibly the founder of his own martial art. Doppo Orochi compared Kitou to Motobe as a "firecracker next to an atomic bomb", meaning he is weaker than Motobe. It was shown that Kitou was defeated by Kiyosumi Katou, but none of his fights were ever shown.