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Bunnoshin's Master (文之信の師匠, Bunnoshin no shishō) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.


He believes that the martial arts were created for the weak could defended themselves against the strong. After the defeat of his student against Kaoru Hanayama, he recognized that street fighters also had honor.


He has wrinkled skin due to age, small eyes and wears a white do-gi.


Baki the Grappler[]


For 60 years he was studying all kinds of techniques, with the aim of making Nihon Kempo the best martial art of all.

Maximum Tournament Saga[]

Before Bunnoshin Inagi's fight against Kaoru Hanayama, he speaks with Mitsunari Tokugawa about his career as a martial artist and about his ideals. After his student's devastating defeat against young Yakuza, he challenges Hanayama to a fight, wanting to regain the honor of Japanese martial arts. Hanayama explains what it means to him to be a fighter, which moves the old martial artist.

His current whereabouts and that of his disciple are unknown.


As the founder of the Nihon Kempo and as a person who spent 60 years studying all kinds of techniques, we can assume that he is a very strong martial artist with a lot of techniques, equally, we cannot know how powerful he is because he was never see fight throughout the series.