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Bunnoshin Inagi (稲城 文之信, Inagi Bunnoshin) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. He is a Nihon Kempo fighter who took part in the Maximum Tournament.


Bunnoshin is rather taciturn. He is a person who is confident in his own abilities and likes to prove his superiority. When he trained with his Kempo teammates, he shown to be quite happy. He also tends to belittle his opponents, like when he offered Kaoru Hanayama a protective helmet like he was wanting to say that he really needs to have it so that their battle would be fair.

Inagi is also shown to be extremely stubborn, to the point of his own detriment. Despite breaking his leg while blocking Hanyama's punch, he refused to give in and attempted to break his opponent's arm, only to all but break his own spine instead.


Bunnoshin Inagi is a muscular man with short black hair, he wears a white dogi and black gloves during his training sessions.


Baki the Grappler[]

Maximum Tournament Saga[]

Inagi is considered by his master to be the finest practioner of Nihon Kempo, who demonstrated his skills to Mitsunari Tokugawa in order to enter the Maximum Tournament. Upon entry he is matched against Kaoru Hanayama, whom both he and his master hold a low opinion of due to his position as a street fighter.

Before the match began Inagi offered Hanayama a training mask, suggesting that he would need it to protect himself. Hanayama proceeded to crush the mask with his bare hands before returning Inagi's gesture by offering him a katana, implying he wouldn't be able to win without it. Inagi in turn broke the katana with a single downward punch.

As the match began Inagi's superior technique and speed allowed him to easily avoid all of Hanayama's powerful punches, while managing to land several blows of his own. However, after blocking a punch using his leg, Inagi, to his shock, finds his leg is now broken, shattered by Hanayama's overwhelming physical power. Undeterred, Inagi manages to get Hanayama to the floor in an arm lock and attempted to break his opponent's arm. However, due to Hanayama's strength and muscle density, Inagi ends nearly shattering his own spine from the attempt and passes out from the pain.


Bunnoshin Inagi is a strong martial artist who participated in the Maximum Tournament. Inagi uses a style called Nihon Kempo which is a form of full contact combat. It is Japanese fighting style that uses many elements from different styles. Inagi was strong enough to break a katana which said to be unbreakable.

However, despite his skill his lack of raw power ultimately resulted in his defeat by Kaoru Hanayama whose overwhelming strength was such Inagi ended up damaging himself regardless of whether he attacked or defended.




  • The name Bunnoshin means "sentence, letter, writing" (文) (bun), "this" (之) (no) and "trust, believe" (信) (shin). Bunnoshin's surname Inagi means "rice plant" (稲) (ina) and "castle" (城) (gi).