Cord-Cut (紐切り, Himokiri) is a special fighting technique that Shinogi Kosho often uses. Baki Hanma also learned to do this move.


The "Cord-Cut" name refers to the countless "cords" that makes human body. The cords includes blood vessels, lymph ducts, tendons and nerves. To use that technique, the fighter have to train his fingers to the limit. Then he need to study a lots about the human body. When the training is completed, the fighter can sever the opponent's cords with a finger. The technique had one weakness: before the fighter can cut a cord but, he has to pull that cord out, and it takes a lots of time. Kosho Shinogi mastered this technique to the maximum, and even made an improvement.

Kosho Shinogi is the best and the most famous user of this technique. He can easily sever tendons, nerves, and others.