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Cord cut 2.png
Kanji Name 紐切り
Kana Name ひもきり
Names Cord-Cut
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Himokiri Karate
User(s) Koushou Shinogi
Baki Hanma
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime The Ultimate Fighter (OVA)
Manga The Ruler Baki, and the Challenger!!

Cord-Cut (紐切り, Himokiri) is a special fighting technique that Shinogi Koushou often uses. Baki Hanma also learned the Cord-Cut move.


The name "Cord-Cut" refers to the countless "cords" that make up the human body with include things such as blood vessels, lymph ducts, tendons and nerves.

To use that technique, the fighter must train his fingers to the very limit and study the anatomy of the human body. When the training is completed, the fighter can sever the opponent's cords with a finger. However, this technique had one weakness: before the fighter can cut a cord he needs to pull that cord out which takes a lot of time.

Koushou Shinogi mastered this technique to the maximum, and even made an improvement. Koushou Shinogi is the best and the most famous user of this technique. He can easily sever tendons, nerves, and other cords within the bodies of his opponents. Fir the first time in the series, he used the technique against Kouhei Kuzumi in the corridor of the Underground Arena, and later in his battle with Baki Hanma at the arena. During the Maximum Tournament Saga, Baki also used this move in his fight against Jack Hanma to sever his left optic nerve.