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Dave (デイブ, Deibu) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki.


He respects Mohammad Alai Jr to the point of calling him "sir" and kneeling down. Dave shows that he is a person who seems to says what he thinks all the time, like when he warned Alai that he was planning to kill or when he said that even with an 18 ounce glove he is still at a disadvantage.


Dave is an extremely muscular man with short gray hair. He has rather large lips and nose. Despite being an MMA fighter, he wears only white shorts and fights without gloves during his sparring battle with Alai Jr.



According to his coach, Dave is an MMA veteran. In the series he is seen using 4 movements: a straight punch to the face, a low roundhouse kick, a high roundhouse kick and a tackle. In any case, his movements wasn't strong enough to knock out Alai Jr who stopped him with a counterattack.

He also uses a stance that is very similar to Peek-a-Boo, but his guard is a bit lower.


Tackle – used without success against Mohammad Alai Jr.



  • The character is probably based on the real-life MMA fighter Wanderlei Silva.