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Dentoranee Jitpika (デントラニー・シットパイカー, Dentoranī Shittopaikā) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Nothing is known about his personality, although a happy face was seen in his face when he fought against Zulu.


He wears orange shorts and bandages on his hands during his fight with Zulu. He does not have any striking or remarkable body features.


Baki the Grappler[]

Maximum Tournament Saga[]

He is one of 36 fighters invited to participate in the tournament. He fights Zulu in the first round, although Dentoranee have the advantage at the beginning of the fight, Zulu manages to turn the situation around, winning overwhelmingly against the champion of Muay Thai. He appears to congratulate, along with other tournament fighters, Baki Hanma for obtaining the belt.

His further whereabouts are unknown.


Being together with Jagatta Sherman the only Muay Thai fighters of the tournament, it can be intuited that Dentoranee Jitpika is a powerful fighter and sportman. He had enough strength to make Zulu spit blood whit his blows. Despite being a Muay Thai fighter, he uses his fists a lot. The roundhouse kick to the liver is the only kick technique he has used in that fight.