Diane Neil (ダイアン・ニール, Daian Nīru) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. The mother of Jack Hanma.

She is also known as Jane (ジェーン, Jēn).


Diane shows a manipulative and cold, yet impulsive, demeanor in her interactions with Yujiro Hanma, Whether this was a facade in order to gain Yujiro's trust remains unknown, however, it is inclined to be her true personality as she even to the point of killing other soldiers that are both ally and enemy in cold blood.

She maintains this killer persona up until being raped by Yujiro. afterwards she's shown to be distraught and in tears, visibly disturbed and distraught over the act, her current state of mind remains unknown.


Diane is an attractive blond blue-eyed, adult woman with a noticeably muscular body from presumably years of military training. After giving a birth to her son, Jack Hanma, she shaved her hair and became bald (but probably she was forced to do it when she was captured).


Baki the GrapplerEdit


Diane Neil and yujiro2

Diane and Yujiro.

She acted as if she was attracted to Yujiro's fighting skills and traveled with him during the Vietnam War. It was all part of a ploy to capture and kill him. Yujiro knew almost instantly, but he kept her around anyway. When he revealed that he knew that her real name was actually Diane Neil and that she was working for the United Nations, Yujiro raped her. He spared her life and promised he would protect his own interests. For attempting to take his life, he wanted to make her suffer and decided to commit the ultimate act of female embarrasment - rape and forceful impregnation. Considering how powerful Yujiro is, the experience mentally scarred Diane for the rest of her life. Unlike Emi Akezawa, who Yujiro chose to bare his son, Yujiro raped Jane out of anger rather than desire.

Maximum Tournament SagaEdit

She reappears very briefly at the end of Grappler Baki, having followed the Maximum Tournament in the shadows, no doubt watching her son, Jack Hanma, She however, does not appear for the remainder of the series.


Diane shows excellent handling of weapons and very good reflexes in one on one combat situations. For a woman, she also showed to have amazing strength when she easily carried a a steel barrel bigger then herself and that also could possibly weight around over 150 to 200 kilograms. This as a result of her military training. Yujiro describes her as a "skilled" woman.