Dr. John (ジョン博士, Jon hakase) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. In the English anime his name was changed to Dr. Buren.




Baki the GrapplerEdit

Maximum Tournament SagaEdit

He was a doctor who started to conduct research about human improvement. In other words, he wanted to create a superhuman. But at some point, his research was deemed heretical and he found himself ignored by all. He began to feel his way was doomed him. One day he saw Yujiro Hanma killing a polar bear with his bare hands. Dr. John swore that his life's goal would be to combine all modern science to create even superior "Frankenstein's Monster". But he eventually ran into the ultimate dilemma, because he needed a body to put his research into practice. Then he finally came across the ultimate collaborator, Jack Hammer, who agreed to put his long years of research into use. He met him at a kickboxing gym where his old friend worked as a trainer. He gave him a special drug he developed. Jack's physique was frail, however due to Jack's immense tolerance for pain the Doctor thought Jack would be the only test subject that could withstand the transformation the super steroid provides.