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Drop kick.png
Kana Name ドロップキック
Names Dropkick
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Pro Wrestling
Chinese Kenpo
User(s) Many fighters
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime An Honorable Loss
Manga Take a Right to the Challenge!!

Dropkick (ドロップキック, Doroppukikku) is an attacking maneuver in Pro Wrestling.


It is defined as an attack where the wrestler jumps up and kicks the opponent with the soles of both feet. It's a fighting move that's used by Kanji Igari, Sikorsky and many other fighters.

For the first time in the manga, the Dropkick was used by Junichi Hanada in his quick battle with Takada, but the scene wasn't shown in the anime. The first time the technique was used in the anime could be when Baki Hanma used his Dropkick against Mount Toba.

In Chinese Kenpo, there is a kick-technique that is similar to the Dropkick technique. It was used by Katsumi Orochi, during his fight against Shishimaru. The Shinshinkai Karate prodigy was able to use this technique when he was seemingly possessed by his deceased friend and rival, Kaiou Retsu.