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Eyeground Crush
Eyeground crush2.png
Kanji Name 眼底砕き
Kana Name がんていくだき
Names Eyeground Crush
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Karate
User(s) Koushou Shinogi
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime Misdirection
Manga The Technique He Can't Use Against His Brother!!

Eyeground Crush (眼底砕き, Gantei Kudaki) is a fighting technique.


The user first cover the opponent's eyes with something to block it, usually their palm. Then, they proceed to punch their palm, breaking it along with the opponent's eyeground, which break into many pieces in order to damage the opponent's brain.

Koushou Shinogi uses this technique to defeat Gouki Shibukawa, but he fails due to Goki's left eye is actually fake eye that Goki claim he lost his left eye long ago and have to replace it.