Gaia (ガイア, Gaia) is the leader of a soldier group from Hokkaido. Gaia had a split personality. He's an alter ego of Nomura (野村, Nomura).

He is a super-soldier known as "Mr. War" (ミスター 戦争, Misutā Sensō).




Baki the GrapplerEdit


He was once a reckless mercenary called Nomura who loved killing. He was captured and put in front of a firing squad during the Ugandan Bush War. However, as fate would have it, he was rescued at the last second, but the rush of adrenaline and fear caused a split in his personality and all his hair fell out. As a result, whenever Nomura experiences an adrenaline rush, he switches to Gaia.


As Nomura, he is nothing but a mere medic who help treats injuries, but when he's Gaia, his alter ego, he turns into the best soldier and a great fighter. When it comes to jungle warfare, he is considered to be the king. He can control the body's natural limit-breaker of adrenaline to push himself to whatever level of strength, speed, and awareness that the situation requires. His belief is that he does not need to put on the additional muscle mass in order to be stronger, because he can merely manipulate the level of adrenaline his body is putting out.

As a soldier, Gaia is very good in using weapons. Gaia considers himself to be a master of environment. During a fight, he can use anything in the environment as a weapon. In the battle with Baki Hanma, he used a water in a river and a vine in the jungle tree, and nearly killed Baki. During a fight with Sikorsky, he used a sand from the underground arena, and started to fight with it as a weapon. He also used sand as a camouflage. Thanks to that move, he could beat and terrorize Sikorsky who decided to surrender. He can using an acid capsule to blind his opponent by spiting it from his mouth. During a fight with Musashi Miyamoto, he used a makeshift knife which have a spring that can shoot the knife with a speed of 60km/h.