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Gallen Special
Garland special.png
Kana Name ガーレンスペシャル
Names Gallen Special
Garland Special (Anime)
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Wrestling
User(s) Alexander Gallen
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime The Ace and the Serpent
Manga Monster Showdown 3

Gallen Special (ガーレンスペシャル, Gāren Supesharu) is a fighting technique. The technique's name was changed to Garland Special in the anime. This is a move that only Alexander Gallen can use.


At the first, Gallen climbs on his opponent's back and grabs him, then using his superhuman strength, throws him directly into the air, making the opponent fly away and hit the ground, enough to knock them out.

Gallen used this technique to defeat a lots of a wrestlers during his wrestling career matches. He was the champion of wrestling and it was a famous move. But it was unable to knock Jack Hanma out in the Maximum Tournament Saga of the first series.