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Genichi Fukamachi (深町 元一, Fukamachi Genichi) is a fictional character from manga series of Hanma Baki.


Genichi is mainly shown as a quite calm person who leads a standard life. Because of his lifestyle traveling to Las Vegas or having a boxing fight worldwide seems to be almost incredible and surprising for him.

At first he underestimated Kaiou Retsu, believing that he couldn't even dodge a jab and comparing him to a Bruce Lee impersonator. However, he changed his opinion after Retsu defeated several professional boxers and even took him to Las Vegas. When Retsu beat Joe Crasier he showed great happiness and appreciation towards his boxer.


Genichi is a short man with a wrinkled and slim body, but muscular at the same time. He always wears a wool hat, long white pants and a short shirt in which several words are written in English.


He was an average boxer until he was 36 years old, where he retired and started his own gym.


Genichi Fukamachi is a boxer who retired 10 years ago. He only used one technique in the entire series when he hit Retsu with a jab. Unfortunately, his jab was so slow that Retsu didn't even wanted to dodge it. Likewise, this feat showed that Genichi has great resistance to pain, since he managed to realize that his wrist was dislocated by performing the blow against Retsu.


  • Jab – used once against Kaiou Retsu.