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Hanayama's Mother
Hanayama mother profile.png
Kanji Name 花山の母
First Appearance
Anime Spirit
Manga The Visits of 2 People
Origin Japan
Age Deceased
Hair Color White
Fighting Style None
Original Dub Mami Horikoshi (2001)
Relations Kaoru Hanayama (Son)
Keizou Hanayama (Husband)
Tarou Akida (Father)

Hanayama's Mother (花山の母, Hanayama no haha) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. She's described as a "daughter of the 5th boss of the Fujiki Clan".


Very little is known about what kind of person she was. From Kaoru's retrospection it appears that she liked roses and that's why she used French perfumes with a smell of rose. She also seemed to be a very nice person for her son.


Hanyama’s mother appeared to look as an frail and skinny 80 years old woman. Despite her appearance, she was very young before she passed away because of a terminal cancer. Due to disease her appearance was very elderly, but she was in her late 30’s.


Baki the Grappler

Childhood Saga

Before her death, Hanayama often visited her. She was seen in her bed, trying to touch him and telling him unintelligible words. Hanayama brought a bouquet of rose to her.

Later, Hanayama stated to Baki Hanma she died from terminal cancer.


She has no skills as a fighter. Her other abilities are not known.