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Hitless Blow
Hitless blow.png
Kanji Name 当てない打撃
Names Hitless Blow
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Shinshinkai Karate
User(s) Katsumi Orochi
Similar Mach Punch
First Appearance

Hitless Blow (当てない打撃, Atenai Dageki) is a special fighting technique.


To perform this technique, the user must enter a state of ultimate relaxation and flexibility in his muscles. Then he has to hit his opponent with an arm that imitates a whip. The attack is so fast that it breaks the sound barrier and makes a sonic boom. But after using this technique, the user's arm is almost completely destroyed.

Hitless Blow is the ultimate form of the Mach Punch. He refined the Mach Punch technique using Kaku Kaiou's suggestion to imagine that his body is made of thousands of joints. Katsumi Orochi is the only one who manage to use the Hitless Blow. He used it three times against Pickle, without any success.