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Ippon Ken
Ippon ken.png
Kanji Name 一本拳
Kana Name いっぽんけん
Names Ippon Ken
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Various Martial Arts
User(s) Many fighters
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime Spirit
Manga Murderous Intent!!

Ippon Ken (一本拳, Ippon Ken; literally: One Fist) is a fighting technique.


Ippon Ken is a karate striking technique that uses the extended knuckle of the middle finger (or index finger) in order to strike a target. The technique is very effective when a fighter wants to attack a specific point of the opponent's body.

Baki Hanma used this technique in his fight against Kaoru Hanayama, when he was about 13 years old. Every karateka can use the Ippon Ken technique, as well. For example, Katsumi Orochi once used this move against Roland Istaz during the Maximum Tournament Saga from the first series. Youou Chou, a future Kaiou, used this technique in his fight against the poisoned Baki Hanma, however, the younger fighter easily managed to dodge the Chinese fighter's move, despite his tempoary sick state. Kaiou Kaku, a grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo, used this technique against Kaiou Mou during the rule change of the Raitai Tournament. The older Kaiou's Ippon Ken was so powerful that it managed to easily knock the larger Kaiou out; even without using his full strength. Shobun Ron, a master of Iai Kenpo, was capable of using this technique in his fight against Biscuit Oliva. Jun Guevaru have also used this technique in his fight against Oliva. Kaiou Retsu also used this fighting move to defeat Joe Crasier. Gouki Shibukawa also used this technique against Kyogei in their fight. An other example is Reiichi Kurigami that used a similar move against Doppo Orochi.