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Iron Claw
Iron claw.png
Kanji Name 鉄の爪
Kana Name てつ の つめ
Names Iron Claw
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Brute Force/Pro Wrestling
User(s) Kaoru Hanayama
Fritz Von Erich
Similar Vice Grip
First Appearance

Iron Claw (鉄の爪, Tetsu no Tsume), written also with "アイアン クロー" (Aian Kurō) characters, is a special fighting move.


The user of the technique have to grasp the opponent's left hand tightly with his right hand, then he must grab the opponent's face with his left hand. Then the technique user have to take the opponent to the ground and begin to crush his face by pressing against the ground.

The technique is deadly, but focusing on the face and the left hand leaves the opponent's right hand free, being able to stab or cut the user's stomach with a melee weapon.