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If Chiharu Shiba represents Tokyo, then this fighting kid represents Brooklyn!

– Iron Michael to Mitsunari Tokugawa.

Iron Michael (アイアン・マイケル, Aian Maikeru) is a fictional character from anime and manga of Baki the Grapler. He was the heavyweight boxing champion. In the anime, his name was changed to Ian McGregor (イアン・マクレガー, Ian Makuregā) and he was renamed to Olam McGregor in the English version of the anime.


He respects strong rivals to the point of taking off his gloves to fight them, such as he did in his battle against Chiharu Shiba. He loves his hometown of Brooklyn. He does not show contempt for challengers who fight using weapons or fighting three at a time. He loves boxing and idolizes the late God of Boxing, John L. Sullivan (renamed Johnny L. Donovan in the anime). This love can also be seen in the way he talks to Baki when he's happily telling him that he'll be boxing again in three months. He also believes that weight is the most important thing in an exchange of blows. The reason why he went to prison is unknown.

However, while he does love a good fight, Michael showed in the Great Prison Battle Saga that he doesn't enjoy the idea of risking his life or boxing career just for the sake of it. Also, while he does wish to prove himself to be the strongest, he doesn't wish to be treated like dirt by those who beat him.


Iron Michael is a muscular African-American man with short hair, a small beard, and a slight mustache. Whilst fighting, he wears blue sneakers, shorts and gloves. In the Great Prison Battle Saga, he is bald with a slight beard and wears the standard uniform typical of Arizona prison inmate.



He was born on the dangerous streets of Brooklyn, in New York. At some point in his life, Michael would meet his teacher, Sam D'Amato, who'd teach him not only boxing but also develop his signature technique, peek-a-boo. With this, Michael was able to obtain the title of heavyweight boxing champion in the USA and would later go on to become the world boxing champion.

Baki the Grappler[]

Maximum Tournament Saga[]

He was invited by Tokugawa to be one of the 36 participating fighters for the Maximum Tournament. In the first round, he fight against Mouko Ri, who takes advantage of the boxers' lack of rank to damage Michael's legs, and when he is going to make the final blow Michael turns his range down and gives a blow to knock him out instantly. In the second round, he fights Chiharu Shiba, who uses plaster and a rope to knock Michel out of rhythm. During the fight, Shiba broke Michael's hand using his hard head. For a few moments, Michael sees boxing champion John L. Sullivan who encouraged him to win. At that moment Michael takes off his gloves to fight seriously. After a long fight, where Shiba almost dies, the young punk manages to break Michael's other hand, which forces Sam to stop the fight. This makes John L. Sullivan laugh at them, but Sam fires him with a blow.

Like the rest of the fighters, Iron Michael congratulates Baki Hanma on winning the tournament.

Hanma Baki[]

Great Prison Battle Saga[]

In the third series of the manga, he would reappear as Baki's cell and work partner. With one month left to get out of jail in Arizona, boxing associations ask the prison sheriff to prevent Michael from boxing again, as it could damage the image of heavyweight competitions as it had previously happened. The sheriff sends Mouth to fight Michael. After a fight, where the Mouth overwhelmingly wins against the champion, they prepare to cut the champion's arms, before Jun Guevaru appears, almost killing one of the members from the Mouth and ending the surrender of the other two members.

He would briefly appear during Baki's fight with Biscuit Oliva to indicate to Baki that it was suicide to face punches against an individual who weighed twice as much.


Iron Michael was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion during the Maximum Tournament Saga. In his fight against Mouko Ri, a single punch was all he needed to blur the other man's vision, giving him a distinct advantage until Mouko began attacking his knees to avoid the boxer's attack. Eventually, Iron Michael was able to win by leaning on the wall and defeated Mouko Ri with one punch.




  • He is based on the real-life American former professional boxer, Iron Mike Tyson.