Izou Motobe (本部 以蔵, Motobe Izō) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Motobe Izou is an old Japanese Jujitsu master. He often watches fights and offers insight on unusual techniques being used.

He seems to have more of an obsession with defeating Yujiro Hanma than most martial artists but he has never shown to be a match for him.



Baki the GrapplerEdit

Maximum Tournament SagaEdit

After he is defeated by Kinryuuzan, the Yokozuna, at the Maximum Tournament, he acts as a pseudo ringside commentator during most of the tournament. During this time it appears Katou Kyosumi and Baki Hanma also commentate alongside him pointing out different techniques wondering how they work and even guessing at the other fighters intentions with specific techniques.


Most Evil Death Row Convicts SagaEdit

After the tournament, Motobe begins to use kenjitsu and later challenges the convict Yanagi Ryuukou to a duel.


While Motobe is, by the beginning of Baki-Dou, considered by almost all the main characters to be one of the weakest fighter among them, he quickly demonstrates that his skill as a warrior ranks him near the top. He easily bests Baki Hanma in a one on one, though he says that if he had struck with intent to kill Baki would have reacted more quickly. He also manages to escape from Yujiro, the latter in a flying rage.

While Izou isn’t the greatest hand-to-hand fighter in the way that the Maximum tournament required, when you put Izou in a pure fight where there are no rules and anything and any weapon goes, Izou is incredibly deadly. Despite Yanagi Ryuukou knocking out and poisoning Baki as well as going toe to toe with Gouki, he was easily defeated and nearly killed by Izou. Motobe is more like a warrior instead of being a fighter. He using traditional Japanese weapons to fight, such as shurikens, wooden sword, tanto, brass knuckle and kusarigama, he even using a smoke bomb to make a surprise attack. Motobe wears a chain mail made of aramid fibers, which is made for plane and car's tire. He is also very strong, as he could make a throw just by grabbing Musashi's leg. He could defeat Musashi Miyamoto by using a choke hold despite being cut in his arm and leg.