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Junichi Hanada
Hanada profile.png
Kanji Name 花田純一
Kana Name はなだ じゅんいち
First Appearance
Anime The Right To Fight
Manga Undercard Wrestler, Hanada Junichi
Origin Japan
Age About 25
Hair Color Brown
Height About 180 cm (5'11")
Weight About 85 kg (187 lbs)
Fighting Style Motobe-ryuu Jujutsu
Pro Wrestling
Original Dub Toshiaki Shimizu (2001)
Yuusuke Numata (2020)
Relations Izou Motobe (Master)

Junichi Hanada (花田 純一, Hanada Junichi) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.


At first, he was very carefree and confident person. He thought he could easily beat Baki Hanma and take his place in the underground arena. However, Mount Toba later brutally brought him to earth, claiming that Hanada did not respect enough pro wrestling, which is a serious fighting style. Hanada scornfully treated other pro wrestlers and exploited the fact that he was stronger than them. He also seemed to like to show off his strength at the gym. Hanada is also a relaxed person who likes women very much. When Tokugawa wanted Hanada to prove his worth as a fighter and face some traditional martial artists, Hanada preferred not to worry about them and have a nice time with some woman working in Tokugawa's household. It was also shown that he had no resistance to taking her by force, he even started to molesting her. Eventually he agreed and defeated each of the martial artists with a calm and arrogant smile on his face.

Later, Hanada became a little more humble. He also began to understand his limits and showed that he doesn't have the willpower to fight until the last breath, which can be seen during his duel with the Kiyosumi Katou in the underground arena. After receiving a strong blow to the crotch, he said he don't want to continue the match. Earlier Hanada disregarded the teachings of his master Izou Motobe, but later he again began to respect him and returned to his school.


Junichi Hanada has short hair and is a man of about 25 years of age, stands at a height of over 5'10, weighs about 180 pounds, and quite muscular.



Junichi Hanada is a powerful fighter, being able to beat various traditional martial arts masters without much effort and having beaten several pro wrestlers. Hanada is very physically strong and is able to lift a 300k dumbbell. It is intuited that he has a great variety of movements, having fully mastered Motobe-ryuu Jujutsu.

He mentioned to his teacher that he wanted to create his own style of jujutsu.