There's a saying: the Yellow River does not gruge unto streams. But my view is different

– Retsu to Katsumi Orochi.

Kaioh Retsu (烈 海王, Retsu Kaiō; Chinese pinyin: Liè Hǎiwáng) was a major character in the Baki the Grappler franchise as well as a very accomplished fighter of Chinese Kenpo.

His real name is Eishu Retsu (烈永周, Retsu Eishū; Chinese pinyin: Liè Yǒng-Zhōu). In his training days in Heilongjiang, Bailin Temple he was called Shaoron Retsu (烈小龍, Retsu Shaoron; Chinese pinyin: Liè Xiǎolóng).


A Chinese martial arts master, trained in China and became the heir to his Chinese Kenpo style in his temple. He was a man of great discipline and skill. He was sworn to uphold the honor and pride of the ancient art of kung-fu although in time he learns to appreciate the diversity of all the worlds martial arts rather than claiming Chinese Kenpo to be the strongest as he had done throughout the entire tournament.

Despite his great knowledge in his style, he did not open his mind to the possibility of learning from other disciplines at first, but after striking up a friendship with Katsumi Orochi post tournament he appeared to want to teach as well as learn at the Shinshinkai Dojo.

Retsu is an intelligent person. As a trained martial artist, both physically and mentally, Retsu Kaioh is possess a level of intelligence unachieved by most commoners. Like other master martial artists in the franchise, Retsu can easily decipher one's fighting technique, how it is utilized and its weaknesses.

While he may seem very composed, Retsu is anything but patient when it comes to power. He is also too urgent to fight powerful foes, exposing himself to unpleasant situations. He is over-confident in his own abilities and as a result, he lost his life. He was always been eager for all kinds of fighting challenges. After learning that Musashi Miyamoto had been reborn, Retsu choose to challenge him in order to learn the full potential of a blade. It is during this fight that he was slain, as Musashi overcomes the defensive Shaori and cuts through most of his internal organs and his spine.


Retsu Kaioh is a very well-built man, whose long black hair is tied up into a single pigtail. His eyebrows are somewhat thick and reminscent of small scythes. In a fight, Retsu will most of the time be dressed in dark blue/black shaolin monk pants and boots, with no shirt on. Occassionally however, he may dress smartly or casually. 

After his battle against Pickle, Retsu's leg is severly damaged, forcing him to wear a pegleg instead. 


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Retsu Kaioh was the single best apprentice of Kaioh Ryu and by the time of his fight with Musashi Miyamoto, he was one of the most proficient martial artists of China, just below Kaku Kaioh in terms of skill. While participating in the Underground Tournament, Retsu fought Baki and awakened his "Hanma spirit". Later, as the Five Deathrow Convicts roam free in Japan, Retsu continiously persuedes Dorian Kaioh and eventually has a fight with him, which Retsu effortlessly wins. The aftermath of their short battle leaves Dorian with serious brain trauma, causing his mentallity to revert back to that of a child. During the Raitai Tournament, Retsu and Baki are seen observing and profusely commenting on the battle between their superiors- Yujiro Hanma and Kaku Kaioh. In the fourth series- Baki-Dou, Retsu went up against Musashi Miyamoto in a deathmatch. Though he put up a good fight against the legendary swordsman, him overestimating his abilities early on leads to his unsightly death.


Retsu was an accomplished fighter who attained the rank of Kaioh, strong enough to beat Mount Toba in less than a minute and Katsumi with only one punch. A single one of his punches managed to damage Dorian's brain, reversing his mindset to that of a child. His most famous feat was pounding a boulder into perfect ball shape. Retsu is also very good at using weapons. He can throw shurikens at a precise rate, using alcohol as a flame thrower, fighting with a wooden stick, using ropes to bind opponents or travel, and even using a 9-section whip.

Retsu fights with dirty tactics sometimes, such as using his hair to blind his oppenent, or using his shirt to throw dirt as projectiles. Retsu once used the "mushin", a mental state in which he automatically uses his techniques and reflexes to defend and fight. Despite this, he was defeated by Pickle's strength. According to Yujiro Hanma, Retsu was able to awake the "Hanma spirit" in Baki Hanma.

Ever since the first part of the franchise, Kaioh Retsu has been striving to become more and more powerful, even practising non-Chinese martial arts. Later, he thrived as China's second strongest, right after Kaioh Kaku, until his death.



Trivia Edit

  • Feng Wei from the Tekken series is possibly based on Kaioh Retsu.