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Kaiou Jaku
Kaioh jyaku profile.png
Kanji Name 寂 海王
Kana Name じゃく かいおう
First Appearance
Anime Begin! The Centennial Tournament
Manga The Gathering
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Fighting Style Nippon Kenpo (Kukendo)
Original Dub Yutaka Aoyama (2020)
English Dub Edward Bosco (2020)
Relations Kaiou Kaku (Grandmaster)

Kaiou Jaku (寂 海王, Jaku Kaiō), often wrongly romanized as Kaiou Jyaku, is a fictional character from the Baki the Grappler franchise. He is a martial artist whom competed in the Chinese Challenge Tournament in China. He is known to be a famous martial arts instructor for young people within his home country of Japan.


Jaku is an eccentric but kind-hearted individual. His offers to his opponents of working alongside him as a martial arts instructors can be seen as either a genuine request or a misdirection to confuse his opponents, exploiting that oppurtunity to attack, or possibly a mix of both. In any case, Jaku is an opportunistic fighter, dislocating Retsu's arm whilst about to shake his hand and later headbutting him as he was distracted.

He seems to be near solely motivated by aiding and instructing the youth of Japan to be strong people and fighters, routinely asking competitors to aid in this endeavour as martial arts instructors.


Jaku is a Japanese man of medium height and stout build. He is bespectacled with a shaved head and despite being of Asian origin, has a somewhat unkempt beard and hairy legs though after his fight with Retsu, his beard was converted into mutton chops much to the audience's amusement.

Outside of combat, he wears a professional-looking white shirt and trousers. Inside combat, he removes his shirt and glasses, donning his gi and black belt.



Jaku, befitting his title of Kaiou is a very strong fighter. He specialises in Kukendo, an eclectic Japanese martial art very similar to MMA with emphasis on striking, grappling and ground combat. Despite his technical knowledge and strength, Jaku is completely fine with using what many would consider underhanded tactics, utilising trickery to great effect during combat.

His endurance and tenacity is also nothing to scoff at. Notably, Retsu noted that he utilised his entire arsenal of strikes at full force for minutes on end on Jaku, whom was able to persist through this barrage. He endured this through being able to use his back as Retsu's target instead of his front, as any human's back is able to withstand nine times more damage than the front.




  • His appearance is loosely based on that of Doshin So (Doushin Sou), the founder of Shorinji Kempo, which is also the martial art that Kukendo is loosely based on. Shorinji Kempo is a Zen Buddhist martial art not only merging together strikes, throws, and grappling, but also merging together practice of the body and mind. Shorinji Kempo was created after WWII as a way to lift up the Japanese people through training individuals to have both strength and compassion. As such, it does not include any techniques that inflict permanent damage. Shorinji Kempo is now practiced in countries all around the world, still united under one organization headquartered in Japan.