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Kaiou Mou
Mou profile e e.png
Kanji Name 毛 海王
Kana Name もう かいおう
First Appearance
Anime Begin! The Centennial Tournament
Manga The Gathering
Origin China
Age Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Fighting Style Chinese Kenpo
Original Dub Hiroaki Ishikawa (2020)
Relations Kaiou Kaku (Grandmaster)

Kaiou Mou (毛 海王, Mō Kaiō; Chinsese pinyin: Máo Hǎiwáng) is a fictional character from manga series of Baki. He is a fat Kaiou fighter who was chosen to take part in the Raitai Tournament.


Little is seen about Kaiou Mou, though he seemed to have a fair amount of pride in both his country and skills, immediately concerned about his match in the tournament being cancelled. However, he was also shown to be rather naive, unable to figure out that Kaiou Kaku essentially saw him as dead weight and thus was easily rendered unconscious by the Grand Kaiou.


Kaiou Mou is a taller than average man of Chinese descent, with a solid build, though with a noticeably larger face and almost constantly closed eyes. His attire consisted of a simple black shirt, pants, martial arts slippers and a cap.



Great Chinese Challenge Saga

Kaiou Mou was one of the 13 Kaiou selected to take part in the Raitai Tournament, and was matched up against Kaiou Han in Round 1 of the tournament.

However, after becoming unsatisfied with the strength of the Chinese participants, Kaiou Kaku decided to change the rules of the tournament, effectively canceling Mou and Han's match before it could begin. Concerned, Mou question the Grand Kaiou about this, who simply rendered him unconscious, seeing him as too weak to remain in the tournament.


Kaiou Mou is a large fighter who is skilled enough to earn himself the title of Kaiou. But unfortunately; he never got the chance to demonstrate his strength or abilities in the Raitai Tournament because of Kaiou Kaku knocked him out during the rule change.

However, it's heavily implied his strength wasn't especially impressive given that Kaku Kaiou chose to knock him out after watching several other Kaious being easily defeated, indicating a serious lack of faith in his abilities.