Kanji Igari (猪狩 完至, Igari Kanji) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. In the English dub, he's called Kanjo.

His ringname is Antonio Igari (アントニオ猪狩, Antonio Igari), and his nickname is Anton (アントン, Anton). He is known also as the "Killer" (キラー, Kirā). His motto is "Fierce Fighting Spirit" (燃える闘魂, Moeru Tōkon).





Kanji Igari is a highly skilled wrestler who probably had a great battle with Doppo Orochi and at an older age was able to make it to the third round of the Maximum Tournament. During his fight with Mount Toba another famous and powerful wrestler he was able to fight him to a draw. Despite his skill he is not against using tricks or dirty tactics in order to win when up against more skilled fighters than himself such as during his fight with Baki Hanma when he hired an actress to pretend to be Baki's mother in an attempt to catch him off guard or when he kicked him in the balls.




  • Kanji Igari is based on the real-life professional wrester Antonio Inoki, known for his high pain tolerance and a large skillset of martial arts techniques.