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Keisuke Itagaki (板垣恵介, Itagaki Keisuke) is a Japanese manga artist. He is best known for his martial arts series Baki the Grappler (1991–1999) and its four sequels, which have sold over 75 million volumes. In 1996, he began working on Garouden, an original work by Baku Yumemakura. He has also collaborated on the series Garouden Boy.

Prior to becoming a manga artist, he served 5 years in the 1st Airborne Brigade of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. During his service he practiced amateur boxing, and has competed in the National Sports Festival. He also holds a degree in Shorinji Kempo, which he has practiced since he was a teenager.

He is also the father of Paru Itagaki, best known as the creator of the manga series Beastars.


Manga series


  • Grappler Agitou (1992)
  • Maker (1994)
  • Shuuto (alt. name: "Just Shoot It", 1994)
  • Baki Gaiden: GaiA (2009)
    (バキ外伝 GaiA)
  • Baki: Revenge Tokyo (2018)
  • Grappler Baki Remake (2019)