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Kinryuuzan (金竜山, Kinryūzan) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. He is a former yokozuna in sumo. Kinryuuzan was a one of the participants of the Maximum Tournament.

When he was a yokozuna, he was called the "Earnest Yokozuna" (ガチ横綱, Gachi Yokozuna).





As the yokozuna, the highest title in a sumo, Kinryuuzan is very strong. He could withstand Motobe's punch and Finger-Grab, along with managing to knock him out with a Stomp right on the older man's head. Kinryuuzan was also evenly matched in strength against one of greatest pro wrestling legends, Kanji Igari. Thanks to both of his strength and skills as a yokozuna, Kinryuuzan managed to make a great fight against Igari, as both of them went against each other with some of their greatest techniques.

Kinryuuzan would have been able to defeat the older wrestler, If he didn't accidently breaking both of his arm and shoulder after preventing from falling on top of Igari and when his master, throwed in the towel for him, result his defeat. But despite his amazing strength, the young yokozuna was no match for Yuujiro Hanma and got easily defeated, when Yuujiro almost broke his back.