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Kinuyo Matsumoto
Kinuyo profile.png
Kanji Name 松本絹代
Kana Name まつもと きぬよ
First Appearance
Anime The Ultimate Fighter (OVA)
Manga Baki's Home
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Fighting Style None
Original Dub Yurika Hino (2001)
Sanae Takagi (OVA)
Miki Nagasawa (2018)
English Dub Lydia Mackay (2001)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey (2018)
Relations Taizan Matsumoto (Husband)
Kozue Matsumoto (Daughter)

Kinuyo Matsumoto (松本 絹代, Matsumoto Kinuyo) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. She is Kozue Matsumoto's mother and Baki Hanma's landlord. Her husband fought and died in the Underground Arena. Kinuyo admires Baki as he reminds her of her late husband.


She is rather a cheerful and mysterious woman. Kinuyo takes care of her daughter and feels sympathy for Baki Hanma. Unlike Kozue, she understands Baki's lifestyle quite well and it's not out of the ordinary for her, as her husband was also a martial artist who constantly fought and came home battered. Probably because of that Kinuyo has such a friendly attitude towards the boy, she is very understanding towards him and doesn't mind the loud noises of Baki's training. She also doesn't trouble him about the rent, which Baki regularly doesn't pay.

Despite her cheerful manner, she seems to hides much sadness and grief over the loss of her husband. This can be seen in the scene where she tells Baki about him. Then she also tells him to watch out for himself and helps wash his back as Baki washes himself with water outside the house, suggesting her caring and empathy.


Kinuyo has basically no special features in her appearance. She has the standard beauty of a Japanese woman and is very pretty. In the manga and later anime series, she wears a traditional Japanese woman top knot. Her hair is black, but in the first anime series she is featured as a woman who has loose and curly hair that is brown in color. She is usually dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. In the third series of the anime, this kimono was shown to be grey. On the other hand, in the first anime series, she wears a standard purple t-shirt.


Baki the Grappler

Underground Arena Saga

Kinuyo is shown for the fisr time when Baki Hanma returns home after winning the finals of the Shinshinkai Karate tournament. He meets the young fighter outside his house and they discuss Baki's rent and the martial arts world the young man lives in. Kinuyo helps him wash his back as exhausted Baki splashes himself with water outside, and then tells him about her husband, who also participated in the matches of the Underground Arena, but unfortunately died. In the anime, this scene looks very similar to how it was showed in the manga, but no mention of the karate tournament is made, as that theme was left out of the anime series.

Kinuyo is shown in various scenes from her, Kozue and Baki's daily lives. For example, when she is in the middle of praying for her late husband, and Baki returns from a jog with Musashi, his dog. Later, there's a scene in which Kozue talks to his mother about Baki and the fact that the young man is devoting all his energy to training for reasons unknown to her.

In the anime series, there is a scene where Kozue talks to her mother and finds that Baki is probably hiding something from her. Kinuyo decides to have a serious talk with her daughter and tells her for the first time that her late father also practiced martial arts, just like Baki. Kinuyo tries to explain to her daughter that some men take being the strongest as their goal and that's makes them happy, but Kozue still can't understand why they want to do such a thing.


Kinuyo's unique skills are unknown except that she can cook well. She is regularly preparing meals for Kozue and Baki Hanma. She is also a landlady who keeps the whole house in order.