Kitazawa (北沢, Kitazawa) is local gang leader in Baki Hanma's hometown who is hired to fight him and later becomes his friend.


Kitazawa is a thug who dislikes Baki yet at the same time supports him. This is shown when he goes to help Baki prepare for his first fight with Yujiro Hanma. Kitizawa is very proud and can't stand the fact that he is always losing to Baki. He may however have always wanted Baki to suceed since he was hired to help him do so.


Kitazawa has dark hair in a pompadour style and wears a black jumpsuit.



Not much is much known about Kitazawa's hand-to-hand skills. He was seen beating other street thugs in the manga, although he doesn't seem to possess any special abilities in combat. Also, he was once seen using a blade during his fight against Baki Hanma, but he probably doesn't know how to use the sword professionally.