Kiyosumi Katou (加藤 清澄, Katō Kiyosumi) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. His name was changed to Seicho Katou in the english version of OVA.

He is known as the "Dangerous Lion of Shinshinkai" (神心会のデンジャラス・ライオン, Shinshinkai No Denjarasu Raion).


A top student of Doppo Orochi, who left the dojo after having enough of Doppo's "weak" training regime and trained around the world. He returns to Japan after finding out about the Underground tournaments. Katou's attitude is best described as arrogant, but usually being the butt of a joke; especially around Doppo, Katsumi Orochi, Mitsunari Tokugawa, and Baki Hanma. However, it is shown that he truly admires and cares for Doppo.


Katou is a man of average height with slicked back black hair.



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Most Evil Death Row Convicts SagaEdit

During the 2018 series of Baki, he fought and cut off the ear of Kaioh Dorian, one of 5 very dangerous prisoners who were placed on death row because of their crimes, and proceeded to follow him to an old WW2 bunker underneath Tokyo. There, he fought using every trick he could come up with, all of which failing.

He eventually lost the fight, severely under-estimating Dorian's abilities and the convict using hypnosis to make him Katou believe that he was actually a match for Dorian. Katou suffers terrible injuries at Dorian's hands, motivating the entire Shinshinkai dojo to come after his attacker. After Doppo defeats Dorian, Katou was brought before the convict, approaching him despite his injuries before letting out a fearsome cry. This forces Dorian to admit that he was defeated.


Katou is a strong fighter and one of the greatest Shinshinkai student. He loves to using a lots of dirty moves during a fight, such as eye poke and ball kicking. In the second series, he uses a fishrod's rope and rubber tube as a weapon. He used it to cut Dorian's ear in a surprise attack. Even that he was brutally beaten by Dorian and had his face scarred with a broken bottle. He has high durability: despite of being almost beaten to death and had his neck cut with a super-thin metal wire, he survived. He sustains multiple critical and life threatening injuries after picking a fight with Dorian and survives despite not getting immediate medical attention.

In the volume 21 of the first series, his fighting style has been defined as the "reckless karate art" (無頼派空手, Buraiha Karate). It was a reference to a Japanese group of writers – the Buraiha, known also as the Decadent School.