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Mach Punch
Mach punch.png
Kanji Name マッハ突き
Kana Name マッハづき
Names Mach Punch
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Shinshinkai Karate
User(s) Katsumi Orochi
Baki Hanma
Kaiou Retsu
Similar Seiken
Countless Joints
Hitless Blow
Mach Kick
First Appearance
Anime Measure of a Man
Manga The Technique Dedicated to Hanayama Kaoru

Mach Punch (マッハ突き, Mahha-zuki) is a special fighting technique of Katsumi Orochi.


Katsumi aligns his joints perfectly to deliver a punch or punches that break the sound barrier. Kaiou Kaku has stated that the Mach Punch can travel at the minimum speed of mach 78. He later refines this technique using Kaiou Kaku's suggestion to imagine that his body is made of thousands of joints, which make it so fast that his hand can cut an egg just like sword. This improved ability is Countless Joints skill. But after he manages to break the sound barrier with this technique, Katsumi's hand is damaged. There's also the completely ultimate form of this technique which is named Hitless Blow, but it is defective due to almost completely destruction for the user's hand, and Katsumi used this only once during his battle with Pickle in the third manga series.

He used it against Kaoru Hanayama in the Maximum Tournament Saga of the first manga series. Baki Hanma also used the Mach Punch technique during fight with Jack Hanma in the Maximum Tournament, and later Kaiou Retsu in the third manga series.