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Morio Sonoda
Morio profile.png
Kanji Name 園田 盛男
Kana Name そのだ もりお
First Appearance
Anime Dark Martial Arts
Manga Steamed Meat Buns
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Fighting Style Judo
Original Dub Kouji Ishii (2018)
English Dub John Eric Bentley (2018)
Relations Unknown

Morio Sonoda (園田 盛男, Sonoda Morio) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki. A judo master and the Japanese Police inspector in charge of the escaped convicts. After the failure of the special forces of police, he hires Biscuit Oliva to finish the job.



Morio Sonoda appears to be a man in his 50s he looks to be at least 6'2 and somewhere between 225 and 250 pounds. He's quite muscular and seems to have a little bit of a fat, probably mostly due to his age.


Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

He is attacked by Spec, who forces a meat bun down his throat.

He goes to America to recruit Oliva to help with the remaining death row convicts.

Revenge Tokyo

After Ryuukou Yanagi escapes, he goes to check up on the other escapees to see if they are up to anything. After he visits them, he comes to the conclusion that something similar to when they escaped separately at the same time will happen again.


Sonoda is a high ranking official of the police force and has command of all cops below him. It is also confirmed that he can use judo and is probably quite good (for a normal person) but doesn't stand a chance against Spec or any other well known fighters.