Mount Toba (マウント斗羽, Mauntotoba) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. His real name is Shohei Toba (羽正平, Toba Shōhei).

He is known as the "Giant Devil" (ジャイアント・デビル, Jaianto Debiru).





He is a large pro wrestler known all over the world. He is not only big and strong, but also very agile. He can make a spin kick despite of being very big. He attacked Baki Hanma and Kaioh Retsu with karate chop before they could even react. Mount Toba have high durability. During the Champion Saga, he could withstand Baki's attacks like it was nothing.

Toba's strongest moves is a special throw. At the first, he grabs the opponent's arm from behind, then Toba jumps very high, and he uses a strong body slam, crushing his opponent with their full combined weight. His greatest weakness is his knee. Like Igari Kanji he also fights dirty going as far as to kick sand into Retsu's eyes as well as throw his cape over Retsu to bind him like a net.




  • He is based on the real-life pro wrestler Giant Baba.
  • His name is also a possible reference to the supervolcano Lake Toba.