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Musashi profile.png
Kana Name ムサシ
First Appearance
Anime The Ultimate Fighter (OVA)
Manga Baki's Home
Origin Brazil
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Fighting Style None
Original Dub Takayuki Fujimoto (2018)
Relations Baki Hanma (Owner)

Musashi (ムサシ, Musashi) is a fictional animal from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. Musashi is the dog of Baki Hanma, with whom he lives on the household of Kinuyo and Kozue Matsumoto.


Musashi is shown to be quite lazy and impartial to events happening around him, to the point that he won't listen to Baki Hanma, even for food or playtime, though he doesn't mind walks. He doesn't even eat food unless it is right in front of him. His solitary manner may be due to the fact that he was probably a stray dog in the past, although this was never explicitly stated, not counting the anime series where it was shown that Baki took him in after finding him walking alone in the city. His scars may indicate that he didn't have an easy life before, which may also have influenced his pretty cold and not very cheerful approach to reality, but that issue was never developed either, so really all of Musashi's past is just a speculations and theories.

Although he's Baki Hanma's dog, Musashi is more partial to Kozue Matsumoto. She is very nice to him and he likes her too. Musashi seems to spend quite a bit of time with her when Baki leaves home for a few days and leaves him in her care. At the same time, it can be seen that Baki also cares about his dog and even gives him food that is good for his health.


He is an old, scarred and fat dog. It is not known where exactly his scars came from, as he had them from the very beginning when he was shown in the series. Musashi's breed is a Tosa Inu. His fur's color is brown and his eyes are black.


Baki the Grappler

Childhood Saga

In the anime series, Musashi appears for the first time in the Childhood Saga. Baki Hanma meets him walking alone around the city while traveling through Brazil. Musashi joins Baki and accompanies him on the rest of the young fighter's trip. Usually, he's just waiting for him at the door of the opponents' house where Baki arrives. The same thing also happens when the fighter first comes to the Tokugawa household.

In the manga, Musashi is never shown during this saga and it is never stated how or where Baki met his dog for the first time. Musashi appears in the chronologically later stages in the story in the manga. Musashi's past still remains unknown. The anime plot suggests that he was a stray dog before, but the manga doesn't say anything about that. It is also unknown who or what hurt Musashi, leaving large scars on his body.

Underground Arena Saga

Musashi is first shown (except the anime series in which he also appeared in the previous saga) when Baki returns home to wash up. He greets his dog, gives him food, and after a while Kozue Matsumoto, the daughter of the landlady where they are staying, comes in. The anime also shows the dog's interaction with Kozue, who speaks to him in an affectionate way, and he starts licking her on the face sympathetically.

A scene is shown where Baki goes for a walk with Musashi. Actually, their walk is just a jog together. At first, Musashi participates in their run with no problem, but at some point he sits down and refuses to move on. Baki takes him on his shoulder and runs with him the rest of the way.

At the end of the saga, Musashi is shown in a scene where Kozue stands with him in front of his house and after a while Baki appears. The young fighter informs them that he is going on a special training and asks the girl to take care of the dog for a few days. Musashi, as usual, remains indifferent to the events around him.


In the beginning of the manga series, it is shown that Musashi is able to keep up with a casual running of Baki, but only for about 15 kilometers, at which point he tired out and Baki had to carry him the rest of the way. Due to his laziness and body weight, Musashi is not the energetic type of dog.