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Owada profile.png
Kanji Name 大和田
Kana Name おおわだ
First Appearance
Anime The Ultimate Fighter (OVA)
Manga His Name is Baki!!
Origin Japan
Age About 20 (probably)
Hair Color Black
Fighting Style Shinshinkai Karate
Relations Shigeru Akatsuka (Master)
Doppo Orochi (Grandmaster)
He's hiding his true abilities! He's wearing a white belt, but he's stronger than a black belt!

– Oowada about Baki Hanma.

Oowada (大和田, Ōwada) is a Shinshinkai Karate fighter. He was defeated by Baki Hanma during the karate tournament at the Budoukan.


Oowada seems to be a calm and serious fighter. But he got easily furious when Baki teased him with a cocky smile that looked like he wanted to tell him he already have won (but that scene was only shown in the OVA anime). However, later, Oowada had grown respect for Baki; for example when he was amazed when the 17 year old boy managed to defeat all of the most skilled Shinshinkai Karate fighters, even Atsushi Suedou.

He seems to be a very humble person, which is shown in his rather timid approach to his master. He is very ashamed when he talks about how he was easily defeated by Baki. Most of the time, as he watches Baki and Suedou fight, he seems horrified by what he sees.


He has black, shaggy, long and curly hair. He appears to be of average height and is a bit plump. In the OVA anime, he has a bit of a dark skin complexion. He's shown wearing a karate gi the entire time, so it's unknown how he dresses on a daily basis. After losing the fight with Baki, he wears a bandage wrapped around his head all the time.


Baki the Grappler

Underground Arena Saga

He competes in a Shinshinkai Karate tournament at the Budoukan arena. In the OVA anime, he is first shown fighting Baki Hanma. He's furious with Baki, who smiles dismissively during their match. After a moment, the young fighter performs a powerful kick that knocks Oowada out.

In the manga series, he appears for the first time in a scene where he tells his master, Shigeru Akatsuka, about how he and other Shinshinkai Karate fighters were easily defeated by Baki, a mysterious white belt competitor. His master is furious and starts yelling at them, saying that they have brought great shame to the Shinshinkai school. Later, Oowada witnesses a fight between Baki and Atsushi Suedou. He spends the whole fight next to his master and together they comment the match.


Oowada is a skilled Shinshinkai Karate Fighter. Despite of that, Oowada got easily deafeated by Baki Hanma, who didn't even used his full strength at all. It is not known if he has any special skills or what karate techniques he likes to use most often, because this has never been shown.