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Kanji Name 抓る
Kana Name つねる
Names Pinch
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Brute Force
User(s) Kaoru Hanayama
Yuujirou Hanma
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime Sergeant Katahira’s Report
Manga Kaoru Hanayama vs Spec, the Final Showdown!!

Pinch (抓る, Tsuneru) is a fighting move.


Pinch is a simple technique that requires the use of only a few fingers to squeeze a piece of the opponent's body. The more force the user put into this technique, the more pain their opponent feels. Although it is a very easy move to perform, it causes a lot of pain.

Kaoru Hanayama brutally used the pinch on Spec's leg in the second manga series. Also, Yuujirou Hanma used that move against Baki Hanma during their battle in the thirds manga series. Sikorsky appears to use this technique as well called pinching power that he used to climb flat vertical surfaces such as walls, buildings etc, although he does not use this technique directly on the opponent's body. Sikorsky used it to fight Jack Hanma when he wanted to hold on to the fire sprinkler, but he didn't squeeze Jack's skin directly with his fingers either.