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Rear Naked Choke
Rear naked choke.png
Kanji Name 裸絞め
Kana Name はだかじめ
Names Rear Naked Choke
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Various Martial Arts
User(s) Many fighters
Similar Front Neck-Lock
First Appearance
Anime Battlefield
Manga The Devil's Past

Rear Naked Choke (裸絞め, Hadakajime), known also as Sleeper Hold (スリーパー ホールド, Surīpā Hōrudo) in the Pro Wrestling, is a fighting technique.


The Rear Naked Choke is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent's back. The word "naked" in this context was suggests that, unlike other strangulation techniques found in grappling martial arts, this hold does not require the use of a training uniform.

If properly done, it will restricts blood flow to the brain via the carotid arteries, leaving the opponent unconscious. It is very used in Judo, Jujutsu and the mixed martial arts, being the most used strangling technique.

In the first series, the technique was first used by the massive wrestler, Mount Toba when he fought against Baki Hanma in the Underground Arena. The anime series shows first the Childhood Saga, so the first time when the technique was used in the anime was during Baki and Kuraishi fight when Baki performed the Rear Naked Choke against his opponent. The technique was also used by Gaia during his battle with Baki in the first series. Later, Baki used this move also against Yuujirou Hanma. In the second series of the manga, Spec used this technique in his fight with Hanayama but failed. Kaiou Dorian also used this technique in his fight with Atsushi Suedou. Later, Izou Motobe also used his technique during his brutal fight against Musashi Miyamoto. Also, Pickle used this technique as well, during his fight against a gigantic crocodile.