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Reiichi Andou (安藤 玲一, Andō Reiichi) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. Once a friend of Yuujiro Hanma's, Andou is a giant man who lives as a hermit secluding himself deep in the woods of the Hida Mountains. In order to get strong, Baki trains with Andou by eating a lot and chopping logs with his heavy ax.


Andou is kind and cares deeply about Baki Hanma, being like a father-figure for him. He even went going as far to save the young boy from Yasha-Zaru. He also enjoys bear sashimi and living in the mountains.


Andou is a large man in his late thirties with a heavyset appearance combined of both fat and muscles. He has shoulder length black hair, light brown eyes and has some wrinkles in his face slightly to his age.



He lives as a hermit secluding himself deep in the woods on a treacherous mountain. Few could even survive the journey to his home, much less eke out a life there. But because of Andou's physical and mental strength, he thrives. He trains by eating a lot and chopping logs with his heavy axe. While not being strong as Yuujiro Hanma who can easily kill polar bears, Andou is also said to be strong enough to kill the bears in the huge forest where his home is located with his bare fists.

Despite his impressive physical strength, Andou was no chance for a powerful opponent like the massive ape-like creature, Yasha-Zaru and got pummeled easily by Yuujiro Hanma with a single kick from him.

Andou possesses also some medical knowledge as he could tend his massive wound he got from Yasha-Zaru's bacterica infected claws with gunpowder and a silver lighter. He also tried to find a antidote for Baki, when he got hit by a Poison Hand from a dangerous criminal convict, Ryuukou Yanagi, but unfortunately failed despite his best efforts.

He also seems to be a marksman, being armed with a shotgun. But how good his skills are with it are unknown, since he didn't get the chance when Baki told him to step back, after trying to rescue him from trying to fight against Yasha-Zaru.