Richard Filth (リチャード・フィルス, Richādo Firusu) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.

He is known as "the Toughest Guy on Earth" (地球一のタフガイ, Chikyū Ichi no Tafugai).





Richard Filth's main strength is his toughness. He has shown to be able to take heavy hits from Doppo and still be able to fight back. Before his fight with Doppo, he had three men beat him with bats, which he took with out even moving or having made a sound. He then told them, that if they held back again, they would have to use the money he paid them for surgery. They then hit him hard enough to break the bats. His main strategy when he fights is to let his opponent wear themselves out beating on him and then knock them out with one punch.