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Rob Robinson
Robinson profile.png
Kana Name ロブ・ロビンソン
First Appearance
Anime The Opening
Manga The Festival Has Begun!!
Origin USA
Age About 30
Hair Color Dark Blond
Height 192 cm (6'3")
Weight 101 kg (222 lbs)
Fighting Style Kickboxing
Original Dub Dai Matsumoto (2001)
Masato Funaki (2018)
English Dub Chris Edgerly (2018)
Relations Unknown

Rob Robinson (ロブ・ロビンソン, Robu Robinson) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Rob Robinson is an arrogant and prideful man. He fought in the Maximum Tournament because nobody could defeat him in a kickboxing match. He mocked Kanji Igari because of his age. Rob has also a cowardly side of his personality. When he met Hector Doyle, he said he won't fight amateur like him, but he was all covered with sweat.


He is an attractive man with blue eyes and blond hair. In the Maximum Tournament Saga, he wears green shorts and a left-leaning orange cap, which he took off in his fight against Igari. In the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga, he wears a blue tracksuit.


Baki the Grappler

Maximum Tournament Saga

He is set against Kanji Igari in the first round. He mocks Igari of being old and is promptly destroyed.


Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

While on a jog, he is attacked and brutalized by Hector Doyle.


Rob Robinson is a strong fighter and kickboxing world champion. He could dominate Kanji Igari for a short time, but finally he was defeated. His techniques in kickboxing are typical. He has no original or special moves.